Between Visible

Perceiving The Matter Of Time In Recent Painting And Photography — 13 March to 30 March 2019 at Five Walls Gallery, Footscray, VIC  — Paul Boston, Christoph Dahlhausen, Emidio Pugielli, Hanna Tai, Andrew Tetzlaff, Patricia Todarello, David Thomas and Louise Weaver, Curated by Patricia Todarello and David Thomas

The exhibition through our encounter with the materiality of paintingphotography and video enables us to consider: TimeMatter,  LIGHT,   surface, process, texture, paint, touch, photography, media, support, phenomena, repetition, trace,  size, scale,  reflection, matt,  gloss, transience, colour, tone,   impermanence, memory, TIMEagain, geometries, the organic, placement, SPECIFICITY, accident,  blur, interval,  something,  nothing, tradition, variation, Processes again, ambiguity , the known and  unknown,  timing, slippage,   humour,   what is – what is  not,  HISTORY of painting  and photography,  the   politics  of painting,  photography and   place and site  AND situation, poetics, feeling, the digital, the  PRESENT, the  actual, the concrete, concepts, limitations stillness, movement, DURATION and the movement of meaning  AND our perception and construction of time.