Observations of a Falling Light (Melbourne)

9 to 10 March 2023 at RMIT SITE EIGHT gallery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My practice-based PhD project, Manifesting Becoming, engages art to explore and contemplate the interrelation of matter, meaning, time and space. I juxtapose images and objects to unearth situations of entanglement and reveal latent energies and complexities.

Observations of a Falling Light (Melbourne) is both an entrance point to my research and the culmination of it. The work gives form to sensations of gravity, light and speed by floating Melbourne’s basalt mantle atop its skies and condensing the failing light of its sunsets into a precipitation of material colour.

I would like to acknowledge the project support of Prof Kit Wise, Emer Prof Lesley Duxbury, Emer Prof David Thomas, Nicholas Rush, Melissa Ng and James Geurts.