Strategies to Slowing a Fall

4 June to 28 July 2019 at the Atrium of the Incinerator Gallery, Aberfeldie, VIC, Australia

Andrew Tetzlaff’s practice looks at ways in which barely visible or the intangible energies—things such as the weight of air, the force of gravity or the warmth of light—mark and are revealed through material. By juxtaposing photomedia with simple objects or processes his work is an effort to poetically draw out and manifest the small complexities of the world around us. Strategies to Slowing a Fall is a playful consideration of solidity and weight against the passage of deep time.

This project has been supported by the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture and the RMIT School of Art.

Andrew Tetzlaff Installation at the Incinerator

burn burnt b b b something bent turned around scrunched left on floor on cushions rocks thrown were thrown something pulls at it poles poles aluminium like brooms and then a closer look there material twist twist my dress or curtains with a print a mountain he went to a he goes to a mountain upside down there landscape this frightens me now landscape upside down world turns around a stand a standing on my head now the landscape upside down wrong way round the sky upside what happens to me mow what the world will be what will happen now push a rock from what push a rock in what now push a rock around on felt what feels felt what feels felt what I felt what will push me poles bent because of the heat because of the very very cold now what shapes a mountain cut it upside cut in half now scurry scrunchy scrunch wait a minute now lines that cut and cut across now what lines cut now across and over and over a a a electric pylons that fall apart that I take aap apart now what do you see now put this here or there or what I feel now take it where I want to this pulls the world apart now push push the nice grass and what rocks built a mountain is torn apart twist me not earth quake but a falling a fall falling apart and apart from me and away from me what will happen to me what will world end world end of the world now the change that which will will inevitably a picture of the what will destroy me or kill me what this does to me move here or there this what he did when I went to the mountains now a crime a slip slide a what happens to the mountain now hot weather will the world stand up no it falls away from me now oh this is how I put this this my installation I put things where I want them one reflects another this is a mirror now thank you all good but it isn’t all bad now something poisons me something seeps in there is a dis ease in the landscape now short of water dry and drier they have to cart me in and buy water now the mountains falls over and over how how how scary now this mountain falls over is is it mountain or curtains or drape flags now fold this and crumples material of my bedsheets I tear and tear bed upside down and no river bed upside now tears and tears tear this up now after and after how long have I got how long do we have now how long for me now and every body the mountain falls obver with flowers the current ends the floor is swept and crackles the world falls over and over I roll over down hills and paddocks the rocks supported by felt what feelings now I roll with this the poles bent the pylons erupt there is a disaster but I keep on look9ing the plane falls and is shot down now in the on the shiny floor the incinerator of art I look at the doors now opens Andrew does this a tearing a folding throws this around a pulling this over now do this I have to do this to show somebody what ails me what is wrong and sick and sickly what push push and falls apart what tears asunder what brings on curtain rails for curtains what gets worse now what landscape b what ails me what sicks to me and sticks to me what push push push me you fool me this take what can push apart they say we will do something but they don’t do nothing or anything or thing they just burn coal the mountain falls down and every thing is upside now and not how it should be now and not how it used to be and not how it used to be pulled pushed and folded I will find a random space will find me I will find a way somew how but no this push pole poke this pokes me this push push now and poke me uneasy an idea I went to the mountains but they were upside down suddenly and the world fell apart and part now and the world was push push they say it is not happening but it is drought and change they climb climate what how and careds me they push stones and push stones and poles poke and push pylons explode now and the world turns over I am n in a plane that falls down

—Ania Walwicz, July 2019